Welcome to Marilyn Mania, chances are if you found this site, you likely love Marilyn Monroe and all she stood for. On this site you will find history of a beautiful life and different ways to honor her memory. Our site offers a variety of background information on Marilyn things like her statistics, and various fun facts to may not of thought of. We also look at products featuring Marilyn Monroe in her infinite beauty during her time period. 

Bedding Sets

Have you ever heard people say you need to get your “beauty sleep.” Why not get a bedding set featuring someone known for being iconic, and beautiful like Marilyn Monroe. Even after her death in 1962, Marilyn is still a symbol of style and her legacy lives on through products like posters, bedding, pillows, and so much more. Her memorabilia is a million dollar industry. If you are a die-hard fan of Marilyn Monroe, you will love our selections and reviews of these bed sets. Her memory will live on and these bed sets prove just that. Read more…

 Blanket and Throws

A blanket or a throw is a great option for cuddling up on the couch or in your bed. Marilyn once said she was thankful for a wonderful career, but you can’t curl up with a career on a cold night. The ironic part about that statement is that she is one of the most famous celebrities of her time and her legacy lives on through these kinds of products.

Our reviews looked at the type of material, the art featured, and the size of the blanket. You really can’t go wrong with any of these options but our number one choice takes the cake.

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Pillows and Pillowcases

Add-on to your bedding set and furniture with a Marilyn Monroe inspired pillow and pillowcase. While the surface area isn’t very large like a blanket, the designs more than make-up for it. Several of the products we found are just pillowcases meaning you can simply take your favorite throw pillow and cover them with these awesome pictures and quotes.

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