1. Although Marilyn attended Lee Strasberg’s “Actor’s Studio”, she was never an official member. She was just another student who sat quietly in the back.

2. It was rumored that Marilyn had done a X rated film called The Apples-Knockers, and the Coke Playboy magazine later dispelled the myth when they revealed that the actress was actually their 1954 playmate, Arlene Hunter. Her pose? A recreate of MM’s “A New Wrinkle” from Tom Kelley’s Red Velvet session.

3. Marilyn’s first television debut was on the Jack Benny Show.

4. Marilyn’s favorite beverage was champagne–Dom Perignon 1953.

5. Marilyn smoked periodically from the late forties through the mid-fifities. Photographs of MM “practicing” smoking for role of Rose Loomis in Niagara can be seen in Jock Carroll’s book “Falling for Marilyn: The Lost Niagara Falls Collection.”

6. MM’s Los Angelos bank at the time of her death was City National Bank in Beverly Hills. She had $2,200 in her checking account at that time.

7. Collier’s Magazine was the first national magazine to publish a major feature article on MM. The article was titled “ ‘Hollywoods’ 1951 Model Blonde,” and appeared in the September 8, 1951 issue.

8. In 1959, MM was presented with the Crystal Star Award– the highest movie-acting honor in France-as the “Best Foreign Actress.” she received the award for her work in “The Prince and the Showgirl.” The same year MM was presented with the highest, most prestigious acting award in Italy-the David Di Donatello Award. She won “Best actress in a Foreign Film” for the same movie-“The Prince and the Showgirl.”

9. Marilyn Monroe inspired the final image of Walt Disney’s animated character Tinker Bell. Disney has recently denied this bit of trivia.

10. Jim Dougherty, Marilyn’s first husband, was one of the police officers assigned to protect the cast at the opening of “The Asphalt Jungle.” Marilyn did not attend the premiere.

11. MM’s first studio name was Carole Lind.

12. W. Claude Fields, the son of actor W. C. Fields, was MM lawyer circa 1954-55. He represented her in a driving-without-a-license traffic violation case.

13. Everyone knows MM’s passion for Chanel No. 5. She was also known to take a splash with Arpege and Joy fragrances.

14. MM’s first modeling job, obtained through the Blue Book Model Agency, was for the Holga Steel Company. She served as the hostess and was paid $10.00 a day. To do the job she had to call off sick at the Radio Plane Company.

15. In 1960, the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce awarded MM her Walk of Fame star. The exact address of her star is 6774 Hollywood Boulevard.

16. MM idolized Abraham Lincoln. A photo of the sixteenth president could be found in all of her homes. In 1955 she traveled to Bement, Il to dedicate a museum in his honor.

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