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Marilyn Monroe bedding sets have become one of the most sought after officially licensed merchandise of Marilyn Monroe.  Marilyn Monroe is a universal icon. Her persona represents glamour, beauty, and sex. She exudes a lot of class and elegance, too. More than fifty years after her death on August 5, 1962, a lot of people are still interested in her. Up to this very day, Marilyn Monroe is still a symbol of style, and her legacy will live on, perhaps, forever. Her famous style and poses adorn posters, novelty items, and T-shirts.  

Marilyn Monroe, the brand, is now a multi-million dollar entity and credit goes to her will that showed her other side – far more different than how she projected herself in public. If you are a die-hard fan of Marilyn Monroe, you will love and go crazy over these selections of Marilyn Monroe comforter sets! If you just want to have an excellent buy, these top of the line bedding sets is also for you.

Marilyn Monroe Bedding Sets

Without further delay, let's take a look at some of the best bedding options on the market.

1. Marilyn Monroe Smile Now Cry Later Comforter Set

marilyn monroe bedding comforter setDavid Gonzales, aka DGA (David Gonzales Art), is known for his airbrush illustrations and T-shirt designs. As the designer of the Smile Now Cry Later comforter set, he shows Marilyn Monroe in her famous wide smile as his main subject and a second Monroe illustration this time depicting a sad and crying face.

Such is the life of Marilyn Monroe, the actress. This comforter set is a David Gonzales in his tattoo art. This is a highly stylish queen size comforter set with two pillows. The Marilyn Monroe double illustration is at the center of the comforter, right smack in the middle of your bed. The quilt measures 86 inches x 86 inches. The set also comes with two pillows measuring 20 inches x 30 inches each, but you may opt to read our pillow reviews and use those. On one pillow is the message Smile Now and on the other, Cry Later. This comforter and pillowcase set comes in solid black with black and white print. It is an ideal conversation piece and nice décor for any woman’s or even man’s bedroom! Since it comes in a black and white design, this bedding set will complement any bedroom color scheme or theme. The print is not too loud. Thus, it can be perfect for even a conservative-themed bedroom.

This is an affordable way to decorate your room in style. This comforter set is made of 100% Polyester which means it is soft to the touch and will not crumple easily. It also comes with easy care instruction. It is machine washable with a mild detergent in the gentle cycle setting. You can also toss it into the dryer set on low heat. Despite frequent washing, this comforter set including its prints will not lose its sheen. This product is an official Marilyn Monroe licensed merchandise.

2. Heart Breaker Marilyn Monroe Bed Set

Marilyn Monroe comforter queenThis 7-piece Queen-size Marilyn Monroe bedding comforter set is another design creation of David Gonzalez Art. He shows a close-up photo of Marilyn Monroe in a desk chair talking to someone on the phone. Marilyn looks sultry but somewhat troubled. It must be that she is breaking up with someone or someone is breaking up with her as the title of the art says. The design also includes a lightly colored red rose on the desk. This comforter set comes with an 86 inches x 86 inches comforter (queen size), two pieces 20 inches by 30 inches pillowcases, one flat sheet (90″x102″), one fitted sheet (90″x102″) and two 20 inches X 30 inches pillow shams.

The comforter set is made of 100% Microfiber material which means it has a soft touch, perfect for snuggling and hugging. The fitted sheet, flat sheet, and pillowcases come in plain and solid black color. The comforter is also in black with a black and white print of Marilyn Monroe right in the center. On one pillow sham is the lettering Heart and on the other pillow, Breaker. This printing looks so lifelike and is such a piece of art. This comforter set is machine washable with a mild detergent and can be tumble dried at a gentle low in the dryer. Despite frequent washings, prints and dye will not fade. This product is an official Marilyn Monroe licensed merchandise.

3. Lotus Karen Marilyn Monroe Bedding Set

marilyn monroe duvet setsThis four-piece bedding set by Lotus Karen features a gorgeous Marilyn Monroe in a 3D Oil Painting print design. It shows Marilyn’s face is in black and white highlighting her renowned red lipstick. Her gorgeous face is among three big red roses creating an attractive color contrast. In this 3D oil paint art piece, Marilyn Monroe is depicted in her full charming and elegant look. This four-piece, queen-size duvet set includes a 79” x 79” Duve cover, a 98” x 98” flat sheet and two 19 x 30 pillow shams. This duvet set is made of 100% Cotton twill making it wrinkle-free and durable. Fabric comes with a 1600 thread count for that soft to the touch feel.

The bedding comes in solid black with green and red highlights. The flat sheet is in solid black while the duvet and pillow shams feature the same Marilyn Monroe design. If you are trying to project a sophisticated bedroom look, this Duvet set is a perfect choice. This non-fading bedding set is machine washable in cold and dry on low setting. This is a Marilyn Monroe officially licensed merchandise. Lotus Karen is a top bed and bath linen manufacturer.

4. Duvet Life 3D Red Roses Bedroom Set

marilyn monroe comforter fullThis Marilyn Monroe bedding set is just simply amazing! A stunning Marilyn Monroe is featured in her famous sexy pose (close-up) wearing her iconic red lipstick with matching very red roses as her background. The non-fading print comes in a 3D design using the flat screen printing technic. The elaborate red themed design of this bedding set makes it ideal for a bedroom with white or black interiors. The comforter and pillowcases come with a full design so make sure the rest of the interiors of your bedroom should be complementary. This rose-themed bedding set is available in full size (70” x 87” Duvet Cover, 96” x 96” flat sheet and 2 pieces 20” x 27” pillowcases) ; Queen size (95” x 89” Duvet cover, 96” x 98” flat sheet and 2 pieces 20” x 27” pillowcases); and King size ( 102” x 90” Duvet cover, 110” x 101” flat sheet and 2 pieces 20” x 27” pillowcases).

This set includes only a Duvet cover without the filling. This Duvet bedding set is made of 100% Organic Cotton which comes with a 200TC high thread count and a fabric count of 40 counts, making it super soft and wrinkle-free. The material falls within the required thread count for best quality fabrics. The entire bedding set is in the red which will make your room décor classy and elegant. The Duvet, flat sheet, and pillowcases are machine washable with cold water (no bleach) and tumble dry with dry on delicate or low cycle. Even with frequent washing, the print design will maintain its sheen and will not fade. This is an official Marilyn Monroe licensed merchandise.

5. Duvet Life 3D Classic Marilyn Monroe Bedspread

marilyn monroe comforter bedspreadThis extraordinary bedding set from Duvet Life comes in a chic black and white theme. Sticking out of the theme is Marilyn Monroe’s ultra-red lipstick. It gives the design the class and beauty a Monroe official licensed merchandise is known for. Marilyn Monroe is not Marilyn Monroe without her trademark red lipstick! The print design has Marilyn Monroe in her sexy and alluring post. It consists of the main design and a watermark-like design on top of it. The reverse side of the duvet is a sporadic light pattern of rosebuds. The design shows an almost nude Marilyn Monroe with fur. This is one of the Marilyn Monroe duvet sets which are available in full, queen, and king sizes. While it only includes a duvet cover minus the filling, the set comes with a flat sheet, and two pillowcases each. The full size has a 79” in x 87” Duve cover and a 96” x 96-inch flat sheet. The queen size set comes with a 95” x 89” Duvet cover and a flat sheet on 96” x 98”.

Finally, the king set features a 102” x89” Duvet cover and a 102” x 90” flat sheet. All Duvet set sizes carries a 20” x 27” pillowcase. Made from 100% cotton, this duvet-flat sheet pillowcase ensemble is a soft and comfy bedding set. The all-white theme will effortlessly compliment a minimalistic bedroom décor. A lot of time is spent relaxing, resting, and sleeping in bed. A bedding set also gives the finishing touches to well-thought bedroom décor. The most important things to consider in choosing a bedding set are the style, design/theme, colors and of course comfort.

9 Things to Consider Before Buying a Comforter

1. Before you start shopping around for a bedding set, decide first on the theme and style of your sheets. If you are a diehard Marilyn Monroe fan and decided on your bedding theme, make sure it complements the theme and style of your bedroom.

2. Most Marilyn Monroe bedding sets come in black, white and red. Most of the comforters, duvets and sham pillows feature a Marilyn Monroe photo design. Most have minimal background while some have patterned backgrounds like the 3D Red Roses and Marilyn Monroe Bedding Set wherein the background is filled with red roses. The 3D Classic Marilyn Monroe Bedding Set is an all-white ensemble so it should compliment any bedroom theme. The same is true for the all-black “Smile Now Cry Later Marilyn Monroe” and the “Heart Breaker Marilyn Monroe” both from David Gonzales Art. If you are thinking of going for the Gorgeous 100% Cotton Marilyn Monroe 3D Oil Painting from Lotus Karen, make sure the green leaves of the design does not clash with any colors in your bedroom.

3. Solid color sheets can be both simple and elegant. They exude a relaxing feel, too. To complement the print designs of the duvet, comforters, and pillow cases in the Marilyn Monroe bedding sets, almost all flat sheets come in either solid black, white or red depending on the primary color of the bedding set. Patterned bedding sets should always be paired with solid color sheets.

4. Comforters, duvets, coverlets, and quilts (top layers) provide warmth, style, and texture. They cover your sheets with style, class, and elegance. Notice that all elaborate print designs of the comforter sets are on the top layers. Flat sheets are almost always in solid plain colors.

5. Comforters should always match or complement your sheets. It should also match the style and theme of your room. It is also important to choose a quilt that is suited to the climate of your place. If you live in cold climate area, you would do well with a heavy and thick comforter, but you may consider a marilyn inspired blanket instead. A lighter comforter, on the other hand, is ideal for areas that have a warm climate. Choosing Marilyn Monroe designed comforters would perfectly blend with a minimalist themed room or a room with a Marilyn Monroe inspired theme. There are a lot of Marilyn Monroe merchandise so choosing accent pieces for your room to match your bedding would not be a problem.

6. Choosing the right bedding fabric benefits both comfort and style. Sheen fabrics exude a more formal look than the simpler cotton fabrics. Sheen fabrics are used to brighten up a room because they absorb more light. If you are however going for Marilyn Monroe beddings, you will be perfectly fine with fabric made of 100% cotton. The print designs carry everything to brighten up a room.

7. While the style and design of your bedding set are essential for your room’s décor, bedding is meant for sleeping and relaxing. Most Marilyn Monroe beddings are made of 100% cotton, which means they are soft to the touch and comfortable to sleep in. Cotton and cotton blend fabrics are the most widely recommended bedding fabrics because of their softness and durability. Be conscious of the fabric and thread count of the sheets. Thread count refers to the vertical and horizontal threads per square inch of the fabric. Fabric with a high thread count (200 and above) means the fabric is more durable and softer than those with lower thread counts. The fabric’s thread count is often indicated on the label.

8. Sheets are useless if they do not fit the mattress. Mattresses are available in standard sizes (US): Full size is 53” x 80” (XL); 53” x 75” (Regular). Queen size would be a 60” x 80” and a King would be 76” x 80” (Regular); 72” x 84” (California). The thickness of the mattress (10-14 inches) should also be considered when choosing sheets.

9. Fitted Sheets have a finished size (with a garter) similar to the scale of the mattress. Flat sheets which need to be tucked underneath the mattress are bigger in size. A queen size flat sheet would be 90” x 102,” and a king would be 108” x 102”. When you go shopping for a bedding set, make sure you know your mattress size.

Wrapping Things Up

It is more affordable and cost efficient to buy beddings in sets. A bedding set would often consist of a comforter or duvet, a flat sheet and two pillowcases or shame pillows. Some sets also come with fitted sheets. The market is flooded with Marilyn Monroe collectibles and merchandise. It is surprising to note that even those who have not been born during the Marilyn Monroe era are also crazy with products of her. The Marilyn Monroe brand equity has crossed generations. Marilyn Monroe today is not just an icon, she too is a bestselling brand. The Marilyn Monroe bedding collection is stylish, classy and functional. The comforters, duvets, flat sheets and pillow cases do not only rely on the fact that any item with a Marilyn Monroe print will sell. These beddings are made of top quality materials and are extremely durable. The fabrics used are soft and comfortable allowing for a comfortable and relaxing sleep. The print designs are well thought, bringing out the star’s iconic best. Marilyn Monroe was in a class all her own during her lifetime. She led a very colorful life. She was not only loved by her fans then; she was adored a lot, too. Every woman then wanted to channel Marilyn Monroe. The same still seems to be true today. While almost everything about her was public, there existed an absolute mystery in her. This probably might be the ready Marilyn Monroe merchandise still sell like hot cake today. Whether you are a die-hard fan of Marilyn Monroe or would just like to own a classy, elegant and durable bedding set, the set is both pride and joy to own.

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