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Some of the most beautiful images of Marilyn Monroe are printed onto blankets and throws.  Marilyn Monroe was the first and most popular cover girl of Playboy. She was also their most famous centerfold. The cameras loved her and she flirted very well with the cameras. This explains the fact why most of her photographs captured her beauty, sexiness, class and elegance. Marilyn Monroe is probably one of the most photographed celebrities of her generation. In 2015, the Marilyn Monroe brand earned a whopping $ 17 million, making her number six in the annual Forbes list of top earners in the Dead Celebrities category. She joins the ranks of Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, Charles Schultz, Bob Marley, Elizabeth Taylor, John Lennon, Albert Einstein, Paul Walker, Bettie Page, Theodore Geisel (Dr. Seuss), Steve McQueen, and James Dean.

Marilyn Monroe bedding sets are the bestseller, however, blankets are great and comfortable to use. They make superb gift ideas, too. Marilyn Monroe blankets and throws, just like bedding, give more justice to her photos, unlike pillows and pillowcases. Being larger in size than T-Shirts, posters, mugs and key chains, they present the entire photo of Marilyn Monroe with clear details.

Marilyn Monroe Blankets and Throws

Without further delay, let’s look at the best blankets and throws on the market.

1. Marilyn Monroe Red Lips Fleece Throw Blanket

marilyn monroe blanket

This Silver Buffalo fleece throw blanket is ultra-soft. It is great to use in your bedroom or when you want to cuddle and keep warm on the sofa while reading a good book or watching television. It is lightweight, thus making it an ideal blanket to take on trips when you want to warm yourself up in the car or airplane. You can even use it when you are out camping. This 50” x 60” throw blanket is made of soft fleece fabric. The artwork features an alluring Marilyn Monroe photo. This throw blanket has a black and white theme design with Marilyn’s red lips giving off a dazzling effect.

The image is clear and nicely printed on both sides without any distortions. This Marilyn Monroe Red Lips fleece throw blanket is machine washable. Tumble dry at low and do not expose to direct heat as much as possible.  It is shrink-free and will maintain its softness even with frequent washings. This is one of the best properties of a fleece fabric. Silver Buffalo specializes in designing, manufacturing and distributing products featuring artworks of iconic personalities. The officially licensed Marilyn Monroe MR1621 Red Lips Fleece Throw Blanket is one of their products.

2. Marilyn Monroe Smile Now Blanket

Marilyn Monroe throw

This throw blanket features Marilyn Monroe in the Smile Now tattoo art of David Gonzales. Two photos of Marilyn Monroe cover the entire width and length of this 50” x 60” throw blanket. It can complement the Marilyn Monroe bedding set with the same theme and design. Its main artwork features Marilyn Monroe in a full smile with a tattoo art lettering of Smile Now in her breast. Below the letterings are two birds tilting and looking up. On her left arm is another tattoo art, this time featuring a diamond stone with the letterings Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend. Looking over Marilyn’s shoulder is another photo her.

The image appears to be wearing a masquerade mask with a single tear falling from her left eye. Her teeth and left hand covering her right eye is shown with a skeleton design. On her chest is printed the letterings, Cry Later with two birds facing downwards. This Marilyn Monroe throw blanket is in solid black with images printed in black and white.  It is made of fleece fabric, making it soft and extremely comfortable. It is not very thick but it can keep you warm enough as you cuddle in your sofa, in the car or airplane. This throw blanket is machine washable. Its edges have been folded and sewn for more durability. This is an officially licensed Marilyn Monroe merchandise.

3. Marilyn Monroe Cuddling Puppy Inspired Blanket

marilyn monroe blanket queen

Deal with the cold by keeping yourself warm in this Marilyn Monroe cuddling a puppy designed thick mink blanket. This 79” x 85” mink type full blanket is made of 100% Polyester fabric making it durable.  Mink is similar to a fleece fabric. It is however softer and thicker. This blanket features a lifelike Marilyn Monroe with a wide smile cuddling a puppy. This is a full color design featuring Marilyn in a black dress amidst a red wall. She is sporting an almost no make-up look with her trademark red lipstick.

This blanket can double as a bedspread for a queen size bed and will add elegance to your room. This can replace a comforter or a duvet. It is machine washable and will not shrink. Image printing is crystal clear and will not fade despite frequent washes. This is an official Marilyn Monroe licensed merchandise.

4. Marilyn Monroe Legend Queen Size Plush Blanket

marilyn monroe fleece throw blanket

This Marilyn Monroe Legend design is made from 100 % Polyester. It is a plush type blanket, thus it is very soft to the touch and gives a cozy and comfortable feel. This blanket features Marilyn Monroe in all her smiling glory in a white haltered dress. Her teasing smile radiates the sex goddess that she is. She, as always wears her trademark red lipstick. On the upper right-hand corner of the blanket is her signature. This Queen Size 79″ X 95″ blanket plush blanket will provide you warmth on a cold night. It is a high-quality blanket that will surely give long years of warmth and enjoyment. You can use this blanket on your bed or on the couch. Take it along with you on trips to make sure you are warm and cozy in the car, airplane or inside a tent. Dose away to dreamland wrapped in a Marilyn Monroe plush blanket. This blanket is machine washable. It can withstand frequent washing and drying for long periods of time. It is an officially licensed Marilyn Monroe merchandise.

5. Marilyn Monroe Diamonds are Forever Throw Blanket

Cuddle and keep warm in the couch with Marilyn Monroe in this super soft throw blanket. This throw blanket features a graphic design in black and white of Marilyn Monroe getting a Tattoo. She shows off her sexiness in a low cut bustier top. Within the picture is the text diamonds are forever. It is available in black and white, This Marilyn Monroe throw is 79” x 95” Plush Throw Blanket is made of 100% Polyester. It will keep you warm either on your bed or on a couch. Take it along everywhere you go and it will keep you warm while you enjoy the outdoors. This throw blanket will make a superb accent to your sofa, couch or chair. Learn how to throw the right way and maximize the elegance and class a Marilyn Throw Blanket can provide. This throw blanket is machine washable. It is also a Marilyn Monroe official licensed merchandise.

Choosing Between a Blanket and a Throw

Are you confused with the difference between a blanket and a throw blanket? Both a marilyn monroe blanket/throw review blanket and a throw serve the same purpose – to cuddle and provide warmth. Both can also be used in the bedroom, in a couch, car, airplane, or even in a tent. The main difference between a blanket and a throw is the size. A throw usually comes in only two sizes – 50” x 60” or 50” x 70”. A blanket, on the other hand, comes in Full, Queen, and King, in direct proportion to standard mattress sizes. Another difference between a blanket and a throw is in how they are used as decors. A blanket, because of its size can, double as a bed cover. Blankets can also be used instead of comforters and duvets. Since throws are smaller, they are ideal as accent pieces to couches, chairs, armchairs and even cribs. There are instructions to show the right way to throw. Throw blankets are highly portable, too. Since they are relatively small, they can be taken almost anywhere. This is one advantage it has over a blanket. While they share the same main purpose – to keep you warm, a throw blanket is more versatile. Well, if you want to, you can also take a blanket with you anywhere. As, long as you do not mind its size and weight, though.

Blankets and Throws Materials

Blankets and Throws are made from many different kinds of materials. Choosing the right material depends on what you are looking for in a blanket or throw. Do you like a thick but heavy blanket or would you rather have a lightweight but thin one? Thin blankets are still able to provide the warmth you need. Blankets and throw materials vary mostly in softness, smoothness, and durability. To be able to make an informed choice, here are the most commonly used blankets and throw blanket materials, as well as their major features. Take note of the features you like or need the most, and choose the blanket or throw blanket in that particular material.


A blanket or throw made of 100% pure cotton is soft to the touch. Cotton is a hypoallergenic material too, making it ideal for those who are prone to allergies and have sensitive skin. Cotton is also the best blanket material for babies because they are soft and smooth. Cotton blankets and throws are highly breathable, thus they are ideal to use in warm climate areas and during the summer in cold climate areas. Cotton fabrics though easily get crumpled.


Polyester is a synthetic material. A blanket or throw made of 100% Polyester is highly affordable and durable. It is almost wrinkle-free, too. The nice thing about Polyester is it can last for years and can withstand frequent washing and drying. Even after long years of use, its color will not fade and it will not lose its shape. Polyester is not as soft as cotton, but a Polyester / Cotton material (a Polyester and Cotton blend, usually 50% Polyester / 50 % Cotton) will give you a durable, breathable, and soft-to-touch blanket or throw blanket. That is a combination of the best properties of cotton and polyester in one material. Most throws are made of Polyester. That is the very reason these products are of top quality and highly affordable. The prints do not fade and the blankets and throw blankets can withstand frequent washings without its shape getting distorted.


Wool blankets and throw blankets will provide you the warmth you need. The warmth it provides though depends on the temperature. Wool fabrics adapt to the temperature of the environment where it is being used. Woolen blankets and throws are breathable and are also anti-wicking. This means their anti-perspiration features come to work on days with dry temperature to keep you comfortable. Even if you perspire, the material will not stick to your skin. Wool is a fire resistant material, thus it is a synthetic material that is the safest to use near heat sources. Most blankets and throw blankets used in airplanes are made of wool.


If you are allergic to wool or have sensitive skin but still want a blanket or throw blanket that is as warm and soft as wool, go for one made of fleece. Fleece has a lot of similarities to wool but it is made of a synthetic material, often Polyester. It has the same anti-wicking features as wool. It provides the same warmth as a wool blanket or throw blanket would but it is much lighter than the wool type. Fleece blankets and throws are machine washable and can be tossed to the dryer. Fleece is cheaper than wool, too.


Just like a fleece material, plush materials are also often made of 100 % Polyester. Both materials provide the same softness and warmth. They are both washable and quick to dry. A plush material though is much softer than fleece. To compare, cotton is soft, fleece is softer and plush is the softest. A mink is a material of plush variation. It has similar properties as fleece but it is thicker and softer. Baby blankets and clothes are often made of mink because of its softness. The nice thing about mink is that its color does not fade even after years of use. It also provides the same level of warmth even after several years of use.


Acrylic is warm, hypoallergenic, and lightweight. It is the most common option to wool. Acrylic blankets and throws can imitate the soft-to-touch feel of natural fibers such as cotton. They are machine washable and its color will not fade even after several washes. Acrylic material can withstand extended storage periods without being eaten by moths.

Wrapping Things Up

While at the peak of her career, Marilyn Monroe felt so alone that she was quoted as saying that she could not cuddle her career at night. She may not have experienced being cuddled at night to feel warm, but her blankets and throws are now a source of warmth for a lot of people. Marilyn Monroe blankets and throws are not only functional; they are superb décor pieces, too. A Marilyn Monroe themed blanket can replace a comforter or a duvet to be a bedspread. Used as such, it will provide your bedroom with so much class and elegance. It is interesting to note that Marilyn once said that she was thankful for a wonderful career but that she cannot curl up with a career during a cold night. Today, with her photos printed on blankets and throws, a lot of people are curled and kept warm in them during a cold night. Marilyn Monroe was just a movie star but people have come to adore her not just as a movie star. She continues to affect and inspire people up to this day. Serious and loyal fans, as well as regular folks, continue to patronize Monroe merchandise. A Marilyn Monroe themed throw on the other hand can brighten an otherwise boring chair or couch. It will make a very good accent piece. Throw it the right way to expose as much of the design as possible. A Marilyn Monroe designed throw blanket in your living room will make a very good conversation piece. Marilyn Monroe is one iconic celebrity that is loved by people of her own generation and by those who were born after her death. This is the mark of a true icon. There a quiet a number of young girls who opt to have Marilyn Monroe themed bedrooms. Just like her bedding line, Marilyn Monroe blankets and throws are a hit with die-hard fans. This bedding line is also widely patronized by people who want top quality beddings and accent pieces. It is a pleasure to cuddle and keep warm with a Marilyn Monroe blanket and throw.

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