Iconic artists and retro inspired items are a trend that is being followed these days. If you are aiming to have a retro or classic vibe inside your home, you should take note of classic items that can enhance the ambiance. Iconic artists inspired items is a must have such as a Marilyn Monroe pillow case. There may be other artists that gives us a nostalgic feeling when we see them, but nothing beats a Marilyn Monroe inspired item. Her style is chic, classy, and elegant. Acquiring items from her brand can add an excellent factor to your home. Here are the best Marilyn Monroe pillow cases that you should get now.




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Marilyn Monroe Pillows

1. Marilyn Monroe Decorative Throw Pillow Cover

marilyn monroe pillow

This Marilyn Monroe pillow case by Loool is made with cotton linen and it is 18 x 18 inches in size. The best thing about Loool’s Marilyn Monroe throw pillowcase is the different designs that feature the iconic artist. There are twenty-five different designs that you can choose from which gives you a generous amount of choices. If one design does not suit you, you have more options to choose from. You can combine any of these pillows with a marilyn monroe comforter set. The throw pillow cover is safe to wash using a washing machine. You do not have to worry about zipper bulging on it because its zipper is hidden. Although the size of the pillow case is 18 x 18 inches or 45 cm x 45 cm, the creators recommend that you should allow one to two centimeters aberration. The throw pillow cover is actually handmade which is why the manufacturers recommend a deviation. The cotton linen used to create this Marilyn Monroe throw pillow case is of high-quality material.

Loool assured consumers that the throw pillow is highly durable. Other materials used to create this throw pillow are also environment-friendly. This Marilyn Monroe inspired throw pillow cover is also inexpensive which is why a lot of consumers choose it. However, you have to take note that pillow insert is not included in the package. There a lot of things that you have to consider before buying a throw pillowcase and Loool’s Marilyn Monroe decorative throw pillowcase fits all of the requirements. Pillowcases are supposed to be soft and smooth. In this way, the user will experience comfort whenever that they are using it. This Marilyn Monroe pillow cover provides the exact comfort that everybody wants in a pillow case. Since the material is made with a cotton line, it supposed to provides a comfortable experience that gives enough satisfaction to the user. It does not matter if you are going to put it on your lap or rest your head on it because it will still give you the same comfort. The fabric used for this product is also easy to clean and will not give you a hard time to maintain it. This Marilyn Monroe inspired throw pillow cover will still look brand new even after a couple of washes.

2. Marilyn Monroe Retro Pillow Cover

Marilyn Monroe pillowcase

Marilyn Monroe is popular culture image, and she deserves a good item inspired by her. If you are looking for a pillow cover that features the famous iconic artist, the Chicozy Marilyn Monroe retro pillow cover is for you. There are six different designs that you can choose from. If you want a throw pillow that is black and white, then they have a design for you. This black and white Marilyn Monroe pillow looks classy and versatile. The highlight of this design is Marilyn Monroe’s iconic red lip which is the only flashy color that you will see on the cover. It is a perfect throw pillow case if you want to add a classy and retro vibe to the interior design or display of your home. If you are looking for something more colorful, then there are other designs as well. One of the most ordered designs of Chicozy’s Marilyn Monroe throw pillow is the pop art design made by Andy Warhol. The painting created by Andy Warhol can now be seen in your living room if you choose this design. The design suits a retro vibe if it’s the ambiance that you want to achieve. It is colorful and lively accent piece that you should consider if you want to capture the eyes of your guests. The throw pillow measures 43 x 43 cm or 17.7 inches square.

It is made with quality cotton linen which is extremely durable. Zippers won’t be bulging as well because this throw pillow cover is made with an invisible zipper which won’t bother you whenever that you use it. On the other hand, you have to keep in mind that the design can only be seen on the front cover of the pillow case. It won’t be a big issue anyway because it still looks elegant even if it only has the design on the front. A pillow insert is also not included if you purchase this throw pillow case. This Marilyn Monroe inspired pillow case is inexpensive despite its high-quality material. It is also durable according to some customers who have purchased the pillow case years ago. This decorative pillowcase does not just bring color to your home because it also adds comfort. Since the material is cotton linen, you should expect extreme comfort level whenever that you are using it. It is washing machine safe, and it is also recommended that you will leave a one to two cm discrepancy. It is one of the top ranking throw pillow cases available in the market, and there’s no doubt why.

3. Dean Russo Marilyn Monroe Throw Pillow

Marilyn Monroe inspired pillowcase

The Spoontiques 19647 Dean Russo Marilyn Monroe inspired pillow is a must-have item for every retro chic lover. Spoontiques created a stunning design by adding a splash of vibrant colors onto the smiling face of Marilyn Monroe. You can combine this piece with a throw blanket for your couch! This is the only featured design for this specific line, but it does not mean that it would not suit your taste. The combinations of the colors on the pillow will not bother you because it compliments each other. It is a 12 x 12 decorative throw pillowcase, and it is made with 100% polyester. Polyester fabric is known for its smooth and shiny texture which adds a classy vibe. It is made with natural combinations of synthetic and chemicals, and it will provide a different comfort level when being used. It is a perfect piece that you should have to achieve a classy and retro vibe inside your home. Your home is not the only place that you can place or use this Spoontiques 19647 Dean Russo Marilyn Monroe pillow; it is versatile which means it can fit any location.

If you want to add a little more color to your office, this pillow featuring the iconic artist Marilyn Monroe will suit you. It may have the face of a popular icon on the cover but your office will still look clean and organized. It is also perfect for traveling because of the comfort that it provides to the user. The location and how you are going to use it does not matter because it will still provide the same results. This pillowcase is easy to maintain as well because polyester fabric is also known for being easy to clean. Polyester fabric is safe to be washed in a machine and you must keep in mind that cold water should be used when doing so. When drying it, you can set your dryer on low heat to ensure that it would not ruin the fabric. If you are ready to add color to your office or home, get the Spoontiques 19647 Dean Russo Marilyn Monroe inspired pillow.

4. Marilyn Monroe Decorative Throw Pillow Covers

Marilyn Mania retro pillowcase

This decorative throw pillow cover inspired by the famous Marilyn Monroe is a must-have piece that can add more color to your home. It measures 45 x 45 cm or 18 x 18 inches, and it is made with cotton linen. The fabric is medium in weight and it is extremely durable even if it is inexpensive. The high quality material makes it durable, and it will still look brand new even after a couple of wash. The invisible zipper on the throw pillowcase makes it easier to insert and remove pillow inserts. Zigzag overlock stitch is used to sew the edges of the fabric to ensure that it will not fray once the case is used. This Marilyn Monroe inspired throw pillow case is eco-friendly and stylish at the same time. It is the perfect decor to include in your home if you want something that will fit any occasion or festivity. The throw pillow case has the face of the iconic artist, Marilyn Monroe, on the front only.

The creator of this throw pillow case line is known for their exceptional products. The materials used are high-quality and durability is assured. The company focuses on the quality, details, and designs of their products which is the reason why many customers love their works. According to customer reviews, the picture of the pillowcase that you see online looks exactly the same in person. Customers love how good the quality is, and its beautiful design makes it a perfect accent for their home.

5. Marilyn Monroe Style Pillow Case

Marilyn Monroe throw pillow

This sexy Marilyn Monroe inspired throw pillow is part of ME COO’s line of new American and European pillow case. The fabric used to create this pillowcase is cotton linen and it is highly durable. The fabric ensures high comfort level to the user. It measures 45 x 45 cm and ME COO recommends that you will leave 1-2 cm of discrepancy before using it. This Marilyn Monroe inspired throw pillow cover is handmade. The zipper is hidden which makes it easier to insert and remove pillow cushions with ease. Pillow inserts are not included in the package when you purchase. Zigzag overlock stitch is used to sew the edges to ensure that fray will be prevented. The throw pillow is very functional because it is mildew, fade, weather and water resistant. Durability is ensured because of the features of ME COO’s Marilyn Monroe inspired throw pillow case. As for the color of the pillow case, the back and front have the same color, but the picture on the front is different. You have a lot of designs to choose from because there are fourteen different designs. Aside from Marilyn Monroe, other iconic artists such as Audrey Hepburn and Elvis Presley are also part of the line. The color combination of the throw pillow case is a blend of black, red and white. There is also a pillow that is only black and white. The color and design of the throw pillow case is a perfect accent if you are aiming for a classy look inside your home. Customers appreciate the different choices that they can choose from.

Final Thoughts on These Marilyn Monroe Pillows

These Marilyn Monroe pillow cases are the best-selling throw pillow cover in the market. If you want to achieve a fun yet classic look, choose one of these throw pillow cases. It will add a personality to your room and make it more eye-pleasing. Customers loved all of these products, and you will not regret it once you purchase and use it.

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